Nordgreen Puts Denmark Into the Spotlight of Clockmaking Craftmanship

Europe has always been the epitome of clockmaking, ever since Rolex established itself as the frontrunner of luxury watches. But Swiss have a tough competition coming from a country that has always been known for their great craftsmen: Denmark. Nordgreen, a high-quality watch manufacturer, was established just in 2017 but...
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From Tapeworms to Hormones: Alternative Diets Are Stirring up Serious Health Issues

People go to extremes to lose weight. There are supplements, alternative diets, and natural products that promise weight loss. But what people end up with are serious health problems. Don’t let this be your fate. You can lose weight safely and without the serious health issues, we’re talking about today. Apple...


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11 Tips How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair This Autumn

You probably love sweater weather and all the chunky knits you get to start wearing. It’s that time of year when you can sip your favorite chai latte as you stroll along sidewalks scattered with fallen leaves. But sweaters and pumpkin chai lattes aside, there’s one thing that you hate...
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How to Find Your Sexual Limits

For many women, sex isn’t just body parts interacting with each other. Instead, it involves your physical, psychological, emotional, cultural and spiritual self. It’s a complex area of your life because you’re a complex person. So, in order to be comfortable with sex, you need to understand your sexual limits...


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Winter Shoe Guide: 3 Most Important Things You Need to Remember

Our favorite white, cold flakes are starting to fall from the sky again, which means it’s time to break out the winter shoes. Yep, it’s officially time to pack away the flip-flops and sandals and replace them with warm, winter-ready shoes. There are three important things to keep in mind when...
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What Does It Take to Get a Job in the Fashion Industry?

All your life, you’ve watched fashion trends come and go. You’ve seen top models rise to the top. You’ve read editorials about Europe’s fashion week. Now, you want to enter the competitive and mesmerizing world of fashion. How do you make the leap from reading fashion magazines to styling the...
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