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The 4 Female Body Shapes and Why You Need to Forget About Them

Ever since girls reach early puberty, there's one thing they know: body shapes. The female body shape stereotyping is so common that most of us can answer the question "are you a pear or an apple?" with alarming ease. And the rest of us try to either achieve a certain...
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Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C | Healthy Eating Series

Vitamin C is one of the most popular nutrients today. You’ve probably even seen it advertised on orange juice cartons. But Vitamin C isn’t just a clever marketing scheme for fruit juices. It’s a necessary component for every healthy diet. Find out if you’re getting enough of this key vitamin,...


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Is Feminine Look Gone for Good?

Fashion trends come and go, but it’s safe to say that women’s clothing has gotten more and more masculine over the last 70 years or so. And while most of us love a good pair of skinny jeans or a boxy tee, is the feminine look slowly giving way...
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What to Do If You Want to Have Children but Your Partner Doesn’t?

Do you want to have children soon, or someday? Becoming a mom is an exciting, life-changing decision, but what if your partner doesn’t want to have kids? In all relationships, it’s important to compromise, but there are some things that are non-negotiable. Is having children one of them? And if...


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There's No Such Thing as Beauty Flaws: How to Embrace Your Uniqueness

Women are given a very specific beauty standard to follow. Unfortunately, it’s a very unrealistic beauty standard. Most of the time, the women you see in advertisements aren’t real women. Instead, they’re airbrushed, edited, and follow an incredibly fierce diet to keep up with the otherwise unattainable beauty standard. But it’s...
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3 Simple Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

You pulled the trigger. Booked that dream vacation that you’ve been dreaming about for months -- hell, maybe years on end. Scaling a mountain? Might have to do it. Unwind on a tropical beach with your “+1” in tow? Possibility. Checking out that cosmopolitan city halfway around the globe you’ve always had an...
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