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5 Tips for Working Moms

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Balancing work, personal, and parenting life is tricky. There are only so many hours in a day to get hundreds of things done. It can be exhausting to come home from work and then switch into mom mode.

Here are 5 tips for working moms to help you keep calm through the chaos of life.


Whether your kids are in school or childcare services, carpools are a lifesaver. It feels like mom is actually synonymous with the taxi. It’s hard to get all your kids everywhere they need to go. Suzy has piano lessons at 2:00, John has baseball at 2:15, Suzy needs to be picked up at 2:30, and on and on and on.

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Sometimes your kids will have extracurriculars starting at the same time in two different locations, so how are you supposed to get everyone everywhere at once?

Set up carpools. They limit the time you have to spend in the car and can help you keep your sanity while you don’t have to worry about the constant driving to and from places.

Carpools are great for everyone involved. The kids get to socialize with their friends in the car, and the moms get to enjoy a little break from driving.


It takes a lot of energy to come home from work and make dinner. You’re hungry, the kids are hungry, and you’re tired from work. Instead of trudging through and making a quick dinner, try freezing meals in advance or use a meal delivery service.

You can look up freezer recipes online, or you can attend a workshop that gives you everything you need to get your make-ahead meals ready. You’ll still need to put some time into preparing freezer meals, but it will save you time and energy after a long day of work.


It’s important to remember that you are a worker, a mom, and a person. It’s okay to take time to do something that is solely for you. So take an hour to read a book, go get your nails done, or go out for a kid’s free dinner with friends.

It’s important to remember yourself and schedule time specifically to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself will help you refresh and do better in your work and parenting life as well.


Establishing a routine can help life feel less chaotic. Make a routine at home and at work. A routine will help life run more smoothly. A family routine can help your kids know what to expect at home; they can get in the habit of doing homework, playing with friends, eating dinner, brushing teeth, reading, going to bed, or whatever routine you want to establish.

Be kind to yourself

The most important tip for working moms is to be kind to yourself. It can be easy to compare ourselves to others and see where we fall short, but honestly, you are doing great. Realize that not every day will be perfect, but that trying is enough.

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