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2020 Planting Trends: Early Predictions to Adopt

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Once only done by a few people with a lot of space in their yard, gardening has taken off in a big way now. A majority of American families are gardening in some form or capacity, and the average gardener is changing. Some are growing flowers that are nice to look at, some are growing food and others are just growing whatever they can get their hands on!

However, in addition to the average gardener changing, so is the industry itself. Like every industry on the planet, there are trends that come and go in the world of gardening. These could be new techniques, new gardening styles, new preferences and more.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the 2020 planting trends that everyone is looking to adopt. Whether you have a large or small garden, purchase your plants in-store or online at sites like My Seed Needs, this article will help you learn what’s trending in the world of gardening.

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The use of automated tools

Today, people are busier than ever, but still, want to maintain their plants. Unfortunately, it can be hard to balance everything and give your plants the attention they need. This can be stressful to deal with. Thankfully, there are many automated tools out there that can help.

These tools can help you do a variety of things including automatically water your plants or monitor their growth. Using these will help make gardening easier to maintain during those days where you just have no time to tend to your plants.

In addition to using automated tools to reduce stress and increase efficiency, also consider planting more low maintenance plants. These could be plants that are much easier to grow, require less frequent watering or can grow in any situation.

The growing importance of regenerative gardening

While we may think our ground will be able to grow plants repeatedly over the years and decades, this is sadly not the case. Things like erosion and deforestation severely damage the topsoil around the world.

If this continues, all of it could be lost, which would severely inhibit many plants from being able to grow. This could eventually spell the end of farming as we know it.

As a result, the importance of regenerative gardening is bigger than ever. Regenerative gardening is all about improving the soil, not hurting it. By enriching the soil, we can reverse these negative effects and practices, which will help more topsoil survive for future generations.

More than ever, gardeners will want to have sustainable gardens, and regenerative gardening is one of the most effective ways to be sustainable.

Urban gardening

With most people living in cities with a limited amount of outside space, another growing trend is urban gardening. Urban gardening is all about planting where you have space. In flower pots, on your window sill, in boxes or anywhere else.

Unfortunately, many don’t even have the space for a garden in their small home or apartment in the center of a big city.

Instead of having your garden in a separate area from your living area, more and more people are incorporating the two together. Decorating your garden and the surrounding area in an inviting way helps to blur the lines between your garden and living area. This gives you more space to garden, without ruining the area where you hang out.

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you identify gardening and planting trends for 2020.

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