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Hacks for Keeping a Clean and Organized Home All Year Long

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Research shows that bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes, according to the Society for General Microbiology. It simply depends on the presence of the right conditions. Just as with mold, these conditions are present in every room of the house. In an age of increased health hazards, this has taken on a much more dire meaning.

Thankfully, we know exactly which rooms are the biggest threats to your health. In each of these rooms, there are some areas that provide ideal conditions for bacteria growth. Focus your cleaning efforts on those areas, and you can severely weaken their potential to spread disease.

Check out these hacks on how to keep a clean and organized home all year long.

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Give your living room a daily inspection

The living room is the second most frequently occupied room in the house, after the bedroom. In many home layouts, it’s also the first room when you enter the house. Hence, living room surfaces catch all the germs brought in by anyone coming in from the outside.

Studies show that they contain eight times their weight in dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Cleaning solutions for carpets also differ depending on a lot of home conditions, such as carpet material and whether you own pets. Buying a specialized carpet cleaner can help you deal with that and tend to the rest of the room.

Focus on the bathroom

In particular, you’d want to focus on the tub, drains, toilet area, and faucets. These are where water and bacteria make the most contact. The recommended way to go is to apply disinfectant on these surfaces daily. Heavier cleaning should be done once a week.

If store-bought chemical cleaners aren’t enough to remove certain smells, try a natural mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

Aside from a standard brush, equip yourself with a toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies. Germs can multiply outside of the reach of the cleaning solution in such places. Use a non-abrasive cleaner, such as pine oil or baking soda for the mirrors. It can also be used on glass and metal.

Sanitize the kitchen

Carcasses and even raw vegetables are notorious for harboring germs.

With that in mind, be sure to give your dish sponges and rags a regular wash. Microwave-dry them to completely kill off the bacteria. Have several spares ready so you still have some to use when one’s gotten too dirty.

Be sure to disinfect the refrigerator, table, countertops, and sink with over 60% ethanol alcohol. A strict hand-washing regimen before and after cooking and eating should also be implemented.

With these tips, you'll be more effective at decontaminating your home's dirtiest rooms. Just remember to stick to your cleaning regimen and be as thorough as possible, and you needn’t worry too much about infection.

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