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4 Dental Myths That Aren’t Really True

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From yellow teeth to whether or not to floss, here are a few dental myths that need to be debunked.

It’s obviously important to brush and floss our teeth every day, as well as making sure to pay regular visits to the dentist.

And at those trips to the dentist you’ve probably heard a suggestion or two about how to brush, how often, flossing technique, etc.

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But most of us also hear a lot of dental advice outside of the dental office, and probably from way less reliable sources.

So, how can you know fact from fiction when it comes to keeping your mouth clean?

Here are four dental myths that really aren’t true, and if you need concrete proof you can definitely check with your dentist to make sure to get the cold hard facts.

  1. The harder you brush, the cleaner the teeth

This is a common philosophy when it comes to brushing and flossing, but it’s something that could be doing a lot more damage than good, and should be stopped.

The reason why brushing super hard on your teeth and gums is actually really bad is that putting constant pressure on both of these areas can lead to the enamel on your teeth wearing down and your gums being worn down too.

And this type of damage over time can even lead to tooth loss, and it is also not even necessarily cleaning your teeth any better.

If you are brushing your teeth and it hurts at all, you are probably brushing too hard. The best technique is to apply slight pressure to your teeth and scrub in light, circular motions. If you are still worried that you are putting too much pressure you can try an electric toothbrush, which does the work for you, and then you don't have to try to add any additional pressure at all.

  1. If it bleeds you should stop

Although seeing blood when you're flossing or brushing is a little alarming, it definitely doesn’t mean you should stop doing either.

Bleeding when you are brushing or flossing could mean a couple different things, the first being that you may just be applying too much pressure or doing it too vigorously. It could also mean that you have gum disease, which you can have your dentist check on your next dental visit.

Either way seeing blood should not mean you stop either brushing or flossing and it could actually mean you need to do both more regularly.

Again if you are really concerned or just want to know the better technique for either, visit www.grovecitydentalofblackfoot.com or schedule a visit with your dentist.

  1. I don’t need to floss every day

No matter what you may have heard or read, flossing is an essential part of keeping your teeth and mouth healthy and is very necessary to do every day.

Some may think by just brushing their teeth and using mouthwash they can get all the gunk out, but both of those things have no way to access the tight areas in between your teeth.

The only way to do that is through flossing, and even if you have braces or teeth extremely close together it’s very important to floss.

  1. You can get rid of your cavities on your own

No matter how often you brush and floss, if you have a cavity the only way to get rid of it is to visit your dentist and have them do it.

The reason you can’t “cure” a cavity on your own is that a cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by bacteria, hence why you have to get a filling to get rid of it. Also, if you leave that hole and the bacteria in it on the tooth, it can continue to grow and damage your tooth.

If you feel like you have a cavity, go to the dentist and get it filled because that’s the only way to help it.


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